Monday, June 4, 2012

Have a Seat

It's been a while since I tackled any upholstery projects.  My office was getting ready to toss these chairs because - well you can see why! 

Actually, one had a broken leg and they were afraid for anyone to sit in it.  I jumped on these - what did I have to lose.  I first removed all the fabric.  A little wood glue and a couple of screws fixed the leg, and a couple of cans of off white spray paint gave me an instant improvement.
I fell in love with the fabric as soon as I saw it.  A couple of yards later, those ugly 70's chairs are now updated and cool.  The are also back where they belong - my office!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Plant stand to shabby chic lamp table

Boy, has it been a long time since I have posted anything!  It is not because I have not been busy creating, just not time to share. 

Today's mission: Take a 'plain jane' plant stand and turn it into a lamp table for a sweet lady I work with.

   After cutting about 4 inches off the legs, I added a new wooden 'skirt' around the sides cut from a thin sheet of luan.  It seem to be begging for some type of ornamentation, so I added a little wooden embellishment to the front. I then sanded the whole piece in preparation for paint.

 My friend had requested black paint, and I loved that idea, but I just can't leave well enough alone!  I found a great design with my Silhouette that I thought would look perfect on the top.  I painted the top first with white, added the design in vinyl, then did the black painting over the whole piece.  When the paint dried, I pulled off the vinyl leaving the white design.  To keep it from looking stark white with the black top, I lightly sprayed black paint over the white design.

Hopefully she will like the table - but if she doesn't - Oh darn, I might just have to keep it!