Saturday, December 27, 2014

My favorite project to date!

Can I say that I love challenges?  I really do, but I sure stress over them - especially when it is for someone else.  This was several months in the making because of the stress, worrying time that goes into the planning part of the project:}  This is the cute little table that I would be working on. She has such beautiful curves! 

The center section was particle wood and was crumbling so it had to be removed.  Using a circular saw, I removed that section and replaced it with piece of pine that I had on hand.  Knowing that it would be painted, I wasn't worried about the type of wood used.  

Once the wood was replaced I was much more confident in the whole project.  (I love working with wood, but by no means really know what I am doing)

Now the fun really begins!  Two coats of primer and two coats of paint later, this little cutie is certainly looking different.  Knowing that the owner likes red, I decided to add a little surprise.  I painted the inside of the drawers red and added some scrapbook paper.  Luckily, she really like them.  

Adding the french writing was fun and I think added a lot to the table.  The graphics were from

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